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Pain During Exercise

One of the most frustrating things about exercise is injury!

You work out so you can be healthy but unfortunately, this can lead to injury and not working out. For many, it can be a vicious cycle.

Camas chiropractor Dr. Henry specializes in working with people who want to be active and pain-free so they can continue working out and living active lives.


pain working out

Chiropractic Care for Exercise Pain

Have you ever felt frustrated talking to your primary care physician about your CrossFit or weightlifting injury?

Or you’re not sure who can help get you back to running your next 10K?

Dr. Henry Combines modern chiropractic treatment, manual therapy and customized rehab exercises addressed specifically at you and your exercise goals.

Dr. Henry knows how to assess a back squat, running gait, kettlebell swing or anything else that you’re having issues with to get to the root cause of your injury and get you back out there.


Shouldn’t I Just Rest?

It’s very rare for Dr. Henry to tell a patient to “just rest”. This is because most injuries only heal as strong as we stress them when they’re recovering.

If you don’t stress an area of your body when it’s healing, why would your body build it back strong and resilient?

Having to rest and miss workouts is frustrating! Not just because you are missing a workout or a run but because it’s also missing time with your friends and workout buddies.

Since chiropractor Dr. Henry also has an extensive background working with an active population and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, he can modify many different exercise regimens to help them become pain-free so you can continue with your active lifestyle while you’re getting care.


Why Does Exercise Hurt?

Exercise can be painful for a wide variety of reasons. Some common issues found at our chiropractic office in Camas are:

  • Improper form
  • Not enough mobility for your activity
  • Too much volume
  • Poor programming
  • Previous Injury

Chiropractic treatment here takes all of these things into consideration when evaluating an injury and forming a plan to get you back to working out.


What if I Have a Trainer?

Great! Our office reaches out to many of our patients trainers. We can tell them about your injury, how this may affect your training, things to be aware of, or even provide some training recommendations.This creates a great continuation of care and lets everyone know what’s going on. That way you have a whole team of professionals rooting for you!