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Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be debilitating and it can also be very frustrating when it gets in the way of you doing the activities you love.

Dr. Henry specializes in working with active people with low back pain who are having a difficult time performing the activities they love like running, CrossFit, working out in the gym, and even just trying to be active with a house full of kids. Low back pain can get in the way of all of these things and chiropractic care can be the answer.


Some of the more common symptoms our low back patients seek relief from are:

  • Low back stiffness with tight muscles
  • Sharp low back pain when bending over
  • Low back pain that radiates into the legs or causes tingling into the toes
  • Low back pain after a run or during exercise
  • Low back pain from a disc herniation and nerve irritation


low back pain

Chiropractic Care for Your Lower Back Pain / Problems

Chiropractic care with Dr. Henry for low back pain consists of a wide variety of treatments because everyone is a little different.

Chiropractic care for low back pain will often begin by providing chiropractic adjustments for stiff joints, manual therapy for tight muscles and helping provide you with exercises or stretches to help address the root cause of your specific low back pain.

That way it hopefully won’t come back again.

Dr. Henry has a deep understanding of working with active people experiencing low back pain. Often times, runners, weightlifters and even busy mom and dad’s have certain requirements that require a chiropractor to have extra knowledge outside of normal chiropractic education.

An example of this is when Dr. Henry is working with a weightlifter experiencing low back pain during a squat or deadlift.

Dr. Henry knows what the specific requirements are for these activities and will be able to provide a wide range of chiropractic treatment specifically tailored to them.


Helpful Lower Back Tips

Low back pain can often be pretty debilitating and make it difficult to do even the most basic things throughout the day. Dr. Henry’s chiropractic treatment is also usually full of helpful tips to make sure you can get through your day more easily without pain. Here are a few tips he regularly gives his low back pain patients: