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Myofascial Release Therapy

Vancouver Chiropractor performing myofascial release

Being a chiropractic office that works with active people, we don’t just evaluate the joints in your spine… we also assess the muscles!

Sports chiropractors are extensively trained to deal with issues outside of the spine. When working with people who want to be more active without pain it's important to address muscles as well as the joints!

And when those muscles are tight, achy and downright angry we go to one of our treatment staples... Myofascial Release!

"Life changing experience!! My pain has majorly decreased for the first time in years."

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Myofascial release is a hands on technique that focuses on addressing dysfunction in the muscles. It’s definitely not a soothing spa massage with a water feature in the background kind of soft-tissue therapy! 

It can feel like deep and intense pressure. Many patients describe it as a therapy that “gets in there and gets things done!”. Although it can be intense our office likes to keep it more mild to medium as our patients comfort is a priority!


Who Can Benefit From Myofascial Release?

Have you ever had tight achy muscles that you couldn’t get to relax? Even if you tried stretching them out! Well, that may have been myofascial pain and may benefit from this kind of therapy. 

Myofascial release can be beneficial to everyone ranging from a professional athlete to someone who has neck pain from sitting at their desk all day!

Our Vancouver WA, chiropractic office utilizes this soft-tissue technique on the majority of our patients!

How Do Myofascial Restrictions Start?

Myofascial restrictions can happen from an injury, inflammatory process or commonly from overuse. Even poor posture can make certain muscles become overused and begin to make myofascial changes that result in pain and dysfunction.

Chiropractor in Vancouver WA perfomring myofascial release

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