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It's Hard To Be Your Best When You're Suffering From Pain and Injury

Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to naturally get your body feeling and moving better!

Dr. Henry Knows What It's Like...

Chiropractor with low back pain

Dr. Henry is shown on the left. Literally, minutes after the first time he hurt his low back. It was a long journey for him to overcome recurring low back pain and now every day he guides people through their own process to overcome injury and get back to living an active life!

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Life changing experience!! My pain has majorly decreased for the first time in years.
Beth G.
Vancouver, WA
One of the best appointments I’ve ever had with a provider. Excellent listener, thorough and not rushed. I had a hip issue that Dr Henry was able to pinpoint and address immediately. I walked out feeling way better. Highly recommend to runners and anyone else needing insight to injury or misalignment.
Lori K.
Vancouver WA
Unlike many other chiropractors who let their patients come for the same adjustments over and over, Dr. Henry takes the time to pinpoint the problem, explains the issue and establishes a rehab program based on a specific issue. I highly recommend Dr. Henry.
Bojan, M.
Vancouver, WA
Dr. Henry is fantastic! I came to him about 5 months ago with a work related hip problem and had a great experience, along with adjustments he explained why I was having problems and gave me suggested movements, exercises and stretches to help. I’ve never had a chiropractor spend time actually explaining and give tools to help manage at home!...
Suzette G.
Vancouver, WA
Dr. Henry is consistently awesome. My husband and I have seen him for various issues ranging from muscle strains, joint problems, and sport injuries... I was very skeptical of chiropractors before seeing Dr. Henry. He won me over with effective treatment.
Joni P.
Camas, WA
Dustin is awesome! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any chiropractic/physical therapy treatment. He really takes the time to figure out what specific plan will work for you. He provides information and tools that can be used at home/work.
Laura L.
Washougal, WA
A great experience! Dr. Henry was able to diagnose why my leg was hurting while running and gave me some stretches and exercises to do on my own. After a couple of visits I was able to get back to running without any pain. I like that he wanted to treat the cause of the pain and not the symptoms.
Chris D.
Vancouver, WA
I've been going to Victory Spine for over a month now and REALLY appreciate Dr. Henry's approach and support. I saw a specialist for carpal tunnel, who quickly diagnosed and suggested surgery. However when I met with Dr.Henry, he reviewed my issues and explained to me that surgery was not necessary - that we could resolve the issues through therapy and exercise...
Brandi C.
Washougal, WA
I would highly recommend Dr. Henry hands down. I have been fighting a shoulder injury on and off for a couple of years. Been to Sports Medicine doctor, physical therapy, all that. Then I was recommended to Dr. Henry by my massage therapist (who is amazing as well!) and it was one of the best recommendations I have ever received...
Lynette S.
Camas, WA
...Aside from the immense relief I felt from my lower back pain going away in just a few days, I was impressed that I was listened to and I was heard by a medical professional. Dr Henry is a great guy to work with. I've been very happy.
Lise J.
Camas, WA
I would definitely recommend Dr Henry and have. He listens to what issues you have and uses several different techniques to correct them. After 6 months of hip pain issues, he was able to find the right exercise to help correct it fairly quickly. He is a joy to work with.
Amanda E.
Camas, WA
<h4>Dr. Henry is my go-to guy when I get the occasional aches and pains. He's very thorough and has a great bedside manner. I find that he's very up to date on the most current practices. Just recently I had him do some work on my knee and he also showed me some great exercises to get it back up to speed. Hands down recommend Dr. Henry!</h4>
Janelle Q.
Camas, WA
Very Glad to have found Dr. Henry as he resolved an issue I let fester and grow for years. His mix of chiropractic care, rehab and fitness resolved my issues and eliminated my pain. After an unsuccessful attempt to resolve it at a different clinic, his approach and treatment was MUCH more effective. If you want to fix your issues and not just mask the pain give Dr Henry a call.
Kyle C.
Camas, WA
Seen three other chiropractors without progress. One month with VS&S and can walk, run and hike again without pain.
Michael C.
Camas, WA
Dr. Dustin is amazing!! He will not do a quick adjustment and send you on your way. It is amazing the things that he has shown me that have made great improvements to my mobility and pain. If you are in need for some serious recovery and not just a quick fix, this is your guy!!
Namoi A.
Washougal, WA

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