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Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur for a wide variety of reasons.

A lot of our patients experience bouts of neck pain during various activities such as after their favorite exercise class, after a long run or maybe they have spent all day sitting at their desk with “not so great” posture.

Some of the common symptoms our chiropractic patients experience during bouts of neck pain that we help out with are:

  • Tight neck muscles and decreased range of motion
  • Headaches that start at the top of your neck radiating into your head
  • Sharp or dull neck pain that radiates into your arm or causes tingling int your hand or fingers
  • Neck pain that gets worse after certain exercises like pull-ups or pressing movements in the gym


neck pain

What causes neck pain?

While the direct cause of neck pain can vary by every patient some common reasons for neck pain amongst our Camas patients include inflamed and/or irritated muscles and ligaments, pinched nerves, and irritation of certain joints in the neck.


How Can Chiropractic Help

Our chiropractic treatment for neck pain usually  begins with a chiropractic adjustments to the joints of the neck which helps restore range of motion and decrease pain.

Manual therapy can help to decrease the tight muscles in the neck.

The exercises and/or stretches assigned to you by Dr. Henry are designed to strengthen the neck and supporting musculature and also address the root causes of your neck pain.


Chiropractic Care Example

Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Henry often works  with active people with neck pain who don’t necessarily want to “rest”, they want to address the root cause.

Overhead lifters can often experience neck pain due to a lack of range of motion of nearby joints… especially the shoulders.

If you’re lifting overhead, you need the proper mobility in specific ares like the upper back and shoulders, otherwise you may have to modify your movements and increase the motion of your neck.


Common cause of neck pain in active people

It can be common for people who exercise to experience neck pain. Sometimes this can be frustrating because you exercise to be healthy and it can feel like it causes pain, frustrating!

A common issue Dr. Henry sees among his active patients are people who experience neck pain due to “cranking” their neck in a variety of positions during activities like pull-ups.

This can also be very common for people to experience neck pain with certain core exercises due to the stress it places on the neck durinc certain positions.

Chiropractic treatment for these common symptoms include manipulation to the joints of the neck to get them moving better, soft tissue therapy to decrease those tight neck muscles and exercises or stretches to give our chiropractic patients tools to use to keep their neck symptoms at bay.